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The program leverages the LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) - a more advanced and stable version of - for its DoS module (a short overview of LOIC's features can be found on the website). LOIC is an effective way to stress test a system and thus to determine its stability. It is frequently used in testing systems for security purposes and to determine the effectiveness of firewalls, server buffers, website countermeasures, and DDoS mitigation. It is also used to send unsolicited messages to an Internet host. The Internet is not the only possible target. One can also download LOIC and use it on a LAN. LOIC is programmed in Java, C, and C++. It is cross-platform compatible and has been ported to many different operating systems. Since version 0.3, LOIC has integrated with iptables in Linux systems. It has a GUI for easier usage. It is written in Java, as a Java application. About The software can be downloaded as a free software, but only under the GNU GPL license (of course this does not mean that the program is free in any way). The LOIC website also contains a license for commercial use, if one is willing to pay the cost of a forum software. There is no version of the software available for Microsoft Windows. Example usage For any IP address, one may wish to perform a Denial of Service attack. With the use of LOIC's GUI, the target can be easily selected. After selection of a target, the result of the DDoS operation can be observed in real time and the delay can be adjusted as well. Furthermore, the frequency of the attack can be easily changed. Installation In order to use LOIC, one must first download the software. This is only possible on the official website, on a platform that is supported by the website or by a machine on which the operating system allows the installation of Java. To install LOIC, one may visit the official website or install a ready-to-go zip file from a third party. After installation, a command-line interface (CLI) will be available. One can use this for CLI mode or via the GUI. Changelog The changelog is placed on the website's homepage. All changes are listed in chronological order. References External links Low Orbit Ion Cannon Homepage LOIC



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Loic Ddos Indir 30

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